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Episode #310: Fearless Flying and VASK Therapy with Victoria Ann Spencer-Kibble

Victoria Ann Spencer-Kibble is a former flight attendant and flight supervisor who flew during the 9/11 era. She is also the founder and owner of VASK Therapy, a technique which helps people overcome their fear of flying, especially those who struggle with autoimmune disorders.

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Episode #308: How Dogs Help Their Men Transform Stress into Peace with Michael Overlie

Michael Overlie is a Canine-Partnered Energy Coach who helps dogs, and their men transform stress into peace by using his signature D.O.G. method. He is the author of the book titled “Let Your Dog Lead: Musings on how to Create an Exceptional Life,” and co-author of “The Change17: Insights Into Self-Empowerment.”

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Episode #304: Overcoming the Victim Mentality with Jack Sernett

Jack Sernett is a professional keynote speaker and Certified Mindset Coach who has overcome many obstacles in his 29 years of life, which include battling a chronic illness, spending over 800 days in the hospital, having 22 surgeries, mental health challenges, an eating disorder, and more.

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Episode #296: Emotional Fitness with Drama Therapist Nina Garcia

Nina Garcia is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Drama Therapist, and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional who is passionate about creatively supporting people to redefine their relationship to trauma, emotional drama, and intersectional identity.

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Episode #281: Self-Healing, Self-Actualization, & Self-Mastery with Colton Hall

Colton Hall is the founder and owner of Truth Prescribed, a program of self-mastery and self-actualization, which helps people to transform themselves and discover true healing and awakening. He is also a renegade pharmacist who no longer subscribes to the pharmaceutical paradigm, except in emergency or acute medical situations.

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Episode #256: Your Path to Empowerment with C.K. (Kelly) Collins

C.K. Collins, aka Kelly, is a former award-winning publisher and owner of a hyperlocal news publishing company in Nashville who sold her company and retired from the industry in 2021. She now helps others get unstuck after experiencing a personal loss or setback which prevents them from living an empowered life.

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The “Princess of Power”

I not only host my own podcast, but I am frequently invited to appear on other shows as well. And I have been on a lot of them. But none quite compared to my most recent appearance on The Wellness Driven Life Show. The host, April Chavez, was not only charming and beautiful, but she was warm and engaging as well. She was also a lot of fun to talk to and we had a great conversation.

Imagine my surprise when she referred to me as “the real Princess of Power.” I didn’t even know there was such a thing until I looked it up. Apparently it’s an animated story about an orphaned princess who discovered a magic sword which transforms her into a legendary warrior princess. Who knew?

Anyway, we had a great time together, and I thought you might find it interesting to hear me on the other side of the microphone as a podcast guest instead of a host for a change. So, here is the link to the episode along with a graphic April used to promote the episode. April produces a fabulous show with high quality guests, and I’m not saying that just because I was one of them.

Check it out: The Real Princess of Power


Episode #218: Decoding the Matrix and Achieving Abundance with Dr. Victor Manzo

Dr. Victor Manzo, aka Dr. Vic, is a Business and Spiritual Mindset Coach, Certified Pediatric Chiropractor, Holistic Wellness Coach, 3x author, and podcast host. His most recent book is titled “Decoding the Matrix, Powerful Tips for Unleashing Your Potential and Accelerating your Spiritual Awakening” was released in May of 2022.

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Episode #215: The Endless Possibilities in Life with Victoria Radar

Victoria Radar (also known as Vica) is a Possibility Coach, wife, mom, devout animal lover, tennis player, four times best selling author, Theta Healing instructor, NLP and Hypnosis Master Practitioner, founder of Empower mE and Master-mE apps as well as the creator of YU2SHINE. Her mission is to empower others to find their path from pain to peace and purpose, as well as from poverty to prosperity.

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