Episode #310: Fearless Flying and VASK Therapy with Victoria Ann Spencer-Kibble

Victoria Ann Spencer-Kibble is a former flight attendant and flight supervisor who flew during the 9/11 era. She is also the founder and owner of VASK Therapy, a technique which helps people overcome their fear of flying, especially those who struggle with autoimmune disorders.

Victoria loved her job and working with the public, but stopped flying when she lost her beloved husband in a tragic accident, leaving her to raise her two young children on her own. Over the next four years, Victoria struggled with the intense grief, anxiety, stress, financial strain, and life-threatening illness, until she transformed herself through Rapid Specialist Hypnotherapy.

She now helps others overcome their fear of flying as well as overcome autoimmune disorders and symptoms by reducing stress and inflammation to give them the health and energy to fly fearlessly and with confidence.

Victoria shares her remarkable story along with her heart and passion for helping others. She also takes the listeners behind the scenes of the aircraft and cockpit, describing the extensive safety measures used by the airlines and seamlessly performed by the flight attendants, ensuring the safety and comfort of their passengers.

She also explains how stress impacts our immune system, the destructive nature of inflammation, the power of somatic emotion, and how we can reverse the process to live a full and healthy life.

Download this powerful episode to hear Victoria’s story along with her remarkable snark and humor, and learn how you can reverse the symptoms of autoimmune disorders as well as fly fearlessly and with confidence!








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