Episode #281: Self-Healing, Self-Actualization, & Self-Mastery with Colton Hall

Colton Hall is the founder and owner of Truth Prescribed, a program of self-mastery and self-actualization, which helps people to transform themselves and discover true healing and awakening. He is also a renegade pharmacist who no longer subscribes to the pharmaceutical paradigm, except in emergency or acute medical situations.

After a lifetime of suffering with severe anxiety, drinking heavily and smoking every day for 18 years, Colton embarked on a remarkable journey of self-healing, and is now dedicated to helping others begin their own journey of healing, self-actualization, and self-mastery.

Colton describes how his journey began when he found himself, literally and figuratively, on an island in Thailand. He discovered a spiritual healing community, which began his remarkable transformation, including the healing power of breathwork. He also explains the importance of taking radical responsibility for your own health, the power of listening to your intuition, and the value of critical thinking.

Download this episode to hear his incredible story and learn how you can begin your own self-healing journey.






breathwork, empowerment, renegade pharmacist, self actualization, self mastery, self-healing, transformational coach