Author: Cheryl Ilov

Episode #123: Be Brave, Beautiful, and Remember Your Skirt

Pamela Drzewiecki is an entrepreneur, business owner, mom, founder and owner of Powerful Purpose, creating peace in women’s lives with time management, self-discovery, and leadership skills. Her mission is to help women to create a life, business, and career they love. She believes that every woman can be brave and beautiful by being their authentic self.

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Episode #122: Mindfulness, Learning, and the Power of Storytelling

Divya Parekh turned her childhood passion for nature and her curiosity about human behavior into a successful career. She is an entrepreneur, business positioning coach, influence mastery coach, author, and speaker. She is also a scientist, biotechnology professional, global business relation & leadership coach, as well as a former university associate professor.

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Episode #120: Reject The Victim Mindset and Take Control of Your Life

Nelson Tressler is the founder and CEO of IGOTSMARTER, a goal achievement program and app created to help people succeed in every aspect of life. He is also a US Air Force Veteran, father of three sons, and the author of “The Unlucky Sperm Club,” which highlights that we are not victims of our circumstances, but a product of our choices instead.

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