Author: Cheryl Ilov

Episode #226: Mental Health, Pole Power, and Self-Love with Rachel Calderon

Rachel Calderon is licensed mental health practitioner who provides positive therapy to a wide variety of clients of all backgrounds from a harm reduction and empowerment approach. Her client base includes the LGBT+ community, monolingual Spanish speakers, refugees, grief, and people struggling with trauma.

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Episode #222: Speaking Your Truth with Walt Thiessen and Alyx Stande

Walt Thiessen is a motivational speaker and host of the LOA Today podcast which is about positive energy, the law of attraction, and your daily dose of happy. He started his podcast in September of 2012 and has currently published over 1,800 episodes. Alyx Stande is a co-host of LOA Today, a martial artist, and the queen of setting strong boundaries in her life.

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Episode #220: Your Joy is Not for Sale with James Heppner

James Heppner is a Business and Life Coach, founder of the Weekly Wins and Losses podcast and weekly community call. He helps his clients embrace all aspects of life—both the wins and losses equally, by helping them develop the mental and physical courage they need to leverage the good news which lies at the heart of both a win and a loss.

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