Episode #304: Overcoming the Victim Mentality with Jack Sernett

Jack Sernett is a professional keynote speaker and Certified Mindset Coach who has overcome many obstacles in his 29 years of life, which include battling a chronic illness, spending over 800 days in the hospital, having 22 surgeries, mental health challenges, an eating disorder, and more.

He sincerely believes these obstacles have been put in his life to provide him with the opportunity to “grow” instead of “go” through adversity. And now, it is his life’s work to teach as many people as possible how to overcome adversity, eliminate the victim mentality, and improve their mental health by sharing his story and positive message of hope and healing at universities, colleges, high schools, middle schools, conferences, and events.

Jack shares how he was plagued with sickness and injuries at a young age, but never really learned how to deal with them, resulting in a victim mentality and a self-sabotaging mindset. Until he decided to change the trajectory of his life by changing what was going on between his ears.

He describes his life as pre-twenty-three and post twenty-three. Pre-twenty-three he was the self-proclaimed king of victim mentality. Post twenty-three he had a lot of downtime with a prolonged hospitalization, providing him the opportunity to practice more positive ways to respond to adversity and mastering his emotions.

Jack shares valuable insights regarding how to respond to adversity including how to love your destiny and use it for personal growth, how to focus on what you can control, how to practice strategic adversity, how (and why) to include Belgium horses in your circle of friends, and having the courage to ask for help. He also explains that you are in control of your own personal thermostat, rather than at its mercy.

Download this powerful and insightful episode to hear Jack’s positive message and how we can all take our power back by overcoming the victim mentality. And please share it with everyone you know who needs to hear his uplifting and encouraging message of hope.






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