Episode #331: The Best Is Yet to Come with Christine McCarron

Christine McCarron is a real estate broker, investor, coach, author, speaker, mentor, and owner of The Beehive Coworking Community, who re-invented herself at the tender young age of fifty.

She created a life for herself full of financial independence, financial freedom, and a renewed zest for life. She now helps women in the second half of life regain their own passion for life. She is also the host of The Women Creating Wealth podcast and the Get Your Fill podcast. Her book is titled “Empower Your Inner Millionaire.”

Christine shares her story of living like a college student at the age of fifty, renting a room in a house with six other people in it. With no savings, and high credit card debt, she felt like she had no other options, especially at her age. Until she went to her Aunt Gert’s 100th birthday party and had a mental head smacking moment.

Aunt Gert was healthy, vibrant, and full of life, as she celebrated her birthday wearing a tiara and sash, engaging with everyone around her. That’s when Christine realized that she had at least another fifty years ahead of her. And she was determined to make the most of it.

Inspired by Aunt Gert, Chris began getting her life in order, got out of debt and began saving money, made her first real estate purchase, and from there she was off and running. And she was, and still is, unstoppable. She shares her story along with great tips and pearls of wisdom how we can all live like Aunt Gert in the second half of life,  including how to be intentional with what are hopes and dreams are, not listening to society regarding what to expect from getting older, and the importance of having goals that keep us young, engaged, healthy, and vibrant, while we’re having fun at the same time.

Download this fun and information packed episode to learn how we can all live like Aunt Gert, because the best is yet to come!





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