Episode #296: Emotional Fitness with Drama Therapist Nina Garcia

Nina Garcia is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Drama Therapist, and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional who is passionate about creatively supporting people to redefine their relationship to trauma, emotional drama, and intersectional identity.

While specializing in trauma, Nina has a unique interest in empowering people with mixed identities and diverse narratives to heal from traumatic invalidation. As a therapist in private practice, empowerment consultant, and host of the Empowered Human with Nina Garcia podcast, she is proud to empower people from all walks of life to own their truth, without oppressing themselves and without oppressing others in the process.

Nina describes how singing, dancing, and drama have always been part of her life and her personality, resulting in her obtaining a degree and launching a career in musical theater. As much as she loved being on stage and performing, one day she realized that she wanted more, and she wanted to teach the same skills to others, which brought her to teaching drama to high school students.

As much as she loved her students and she loved teaching, she realized that a lot of them were struggling with difficult life and family situations without the tools and the skills needed to deal with them. In an effort to learn the skills she needed to help them and others who might be suffering with emotional issues, Nina found a way to combine her love for drama and desire to help people become emotionally fit and healthy, she earned her master’s degree in drama therapy, and eventually opened her own private practice.

Nina shares her story with dynamic energy, enthusiasm, positive messages and pearls of wisdom. As well as a bit of drama and some fantastic vocals along the way.

Download this positive and upbeat episode to hear her story and learn how a little bit of drama can help all of us find emotional fitness in our lives.






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