Episode #73: Unleash Your Inner Diva

Andrea Spoor is a Certified Professional Coach, author, and self-proclaimed bully buster. Her passion is empowering teen aged girls to access their inner Diva to live a life of confidence, compassion, and self-love. She explains that while the word Diva gets a bad rap, means Goddess, and should be embraced as a source of wisdom, grace, strength, and power.

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Episode #72: Strength, Courage, and BJJ

Rhyan Diller is a realtor, entrepreneur, and a blue belt in Brazilian Jujutsu. She shares her remarkable story about how BJJ changed her life and led her to pursue a healthier and more active lifestyle. She also describes how BJJ gave her the strength, courage, and confidence to leave a job which was not in alignment with her personal and professional values.

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Episode #71: Survival, Choices, and Reclaiming Your Kingdom

Shari Petersen is a counselor, author, and a survivor. On February 24, 1989, Shari was a passenger on the ill-fated United Flight 811 from Honolulu to Auckland. Traveling four miles above the Pacific Ocean, the jumbo jet’s cargo door was ripped from its hinges, creating an enormous breach in the right side of the aircraft. Facing certain death, terrified passengers and crew were now at the mercy of the deadly incoming hurricane-force wind, ear shattering noise, and bitterly cold night air.

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Episode #69 Communication, Connection, and the Art of Listening

Meet Brooke Chesnut, keynote speaker, business consultant, mentor and worldwide mountaineer. After spending 38 years working in corporate America, he now helps to bridge the generation gap in the workforce from the greatest to the latest. Brooke has hired, trained, mentored, and inspired four generations of professionals to create incredibly successful enterprises. 

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Episode #68: A Passion for Fitness and Giving Back

Reena Vokoun is an entrepreneur, speaker, writer, mom, founder and owner of Passion Fit. After experiencing her own health decline while enjoying a successful career in corporate America, she turned her lifelong passion for health and wellness to quit her job, live her dream, and help other women achieve a higher level of health, fitness, and quality of life.   

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Episode #67: The Magic and Science of Happiness

Meet Marrielle Monte, happiness activist and positive affirmation aficionado. Marrielle is passionate about spreading happiness, especially to elementary school children to empower them to lead happy and healthy lives.

Her inspiration for teaching happiness came when March 20th was declared as the International Day of Happiness. As a dancer, actress, and comedian, she choreographed a happy dance intertwined with positive affirmations for children, which she introduced to the teacher and children in her son’s first grade class. The results were phenomenal, and over the next fer years the program grew to involve the entire school, including teachers and parents.

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Episode #66: Cross Cultural Ninja and Affordable Degrees Abroad

If you are a parent researching colleges for your child, or a student looking to earn a higher degree, this episode is for you! The exploding cost of a college education or post graduate degree puts a huge financial burden on the family budget. However, you have other options that you might not be aware of.

Denise Cope, president of Affordable Degrees Abroad, explains how she empowers students and families find options for much more affordable education by going abroad. After spending 20 years working in higher education and witnessing the financial strain that it puts on families, Denise knew that there had to be a better way.

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Episode #65: Stroke Forward: There Is Nothing You Can’t Do

On March 30th, 2014, successful business woman and entrepreneur Marcia Moran’s world was turned upside down when she experienced a debilitating stroke. Prior to her stroke, she was fit, healthy, active, and energetic. After her stroke, she was immobilized, unable to walk, talk, or function. Just as suddenly and debilitating, Marcia and her husband were thrown into the convoluted and confusing labyrinth of the American healthcare system without a clue as to how to be certain that she would receive the care she needed.

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Episode #64: From Broken To Beautiful

Darla Evon’s successful and lucrative career as a dental hygienist was abruptly ended when a car accident in 2007 left her with multiple fractures in her cervical spine. Darla literally broke her neck, leaving her with nerve damage and in constant pain.  Not only did she lose her career, she lost her passion for life as well as her ability to dream.

After landing in the Intensive Care Unit in 2014 with multiple blood clots in her legs and lungs, Darla overheard one of her nurses tell another that she would not live through the night. That’s when Darla found her fighting spirit and decided to find her own path to health, healing, finding her passion, and using her gifts to help others step into their .

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