Episode #215: The Endless Possibilities in Life with Victoria Radar

Victoria Radar (also known as Vica) is a Possibility Coach, wife, mom, devout animal lover, tennis player, four times best selling author, Theta Healing instructor, NLP and Hypnosis Master Practitioner, founder of Empower mE and Master-mE apps as well as the creator of YU2SHINE. Her mission is to empower others to find their path from pain to peace and purpose, as well as from poverty to prosperity.

Victoria shares her journey from being born and raised in Ukraine, under the former USSR, including how a well-meaning teacher tried to discourage her from taking English. In an effort to protect Vica from disappointment, her teacher told her, “You don’t need to learn English; you will never be able to leave the country. It is just not possible!” Apparently, her teacher was wrong.

Vica pursued higher education and followed her Ukrainian freedom seeking genes to keep dreaming, creating, pursuing, and ultimately prove that anything and everything is possible. Download this fascinating episode to hear her incredible story and discover many valuable tips to find your own path to the endless possibilities that life has to offer.







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