Episode #271: Beauty’s More than Skin Deep with Lauren Boyd

Lauren Boyd is a lifelong dancer, teacher, competitor, and role model.

She is also a licensed cosmetologist, licensed massage therapist, professional make-up artist, as well as an active model and the founder and owner of Luna Salon and Day Spa, a full-service salon including facials, body treatments, skin care, waxing, nail services, massages, and recovery, which caters to all segments of the community from children to seniors.

Lauren shares her story of falling in love with dance at the age of three by discovering it from watching it on television and being inspired to test out the moves herself. Her parents got the hint and enrolled her in dance classes, where she pursued intense study in a variety of different dance styles. Her passion increased along with her skills, leading her to compete, perform, and express herself through dance.

She eventually discovered pole, often referred to as fit pole, pole sport, or pole dancing. She fell in love with the physical challenge of pole as well as the sense of empowerment that she gained from pole and became a teacher to help other woman discover the incredible power of pole.

Download this fascinating episode to hear her story including how to find your inner strength, the power of community, the path to self-love, and why beauty is more than skin deep.





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