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Episode #69 Communication, Connection,  and the Art of Listening

Episode #69 Communication, Connection, and the Art of Listening

Meet Brooke Chesnut, keynote speaker, business consultant, mentor and worldwide mountaineer. After spending 38 years working in corporate America, he now helps to bridge the generation gap in the workforce from the greatest to the latest. Brooke has hired, trained, mentored, and inspired four generations of professionals to create incredibly successful enterprises. 

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Episode #68: A Passion for Fitness and Giving Back

Episode #68: A Passion for Fitness and Giving Back

Reena Vokoun is an entrepreneur, speaker, writer, mom, founder and owner of Passion Fit. After experiencing her own health decline while enjoying a successful career in corporate America, she turned her lifelong passion for health and wellness to quit her job, live her dream, and help other women achieve a higher level of health, fitness, and quality of life.   

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Episode #67: The Magic and Science of Happiness

Episode #67: The Magic and Science of Happiness

Meet Marrielle Monte, happiness activist and positive affirmation aficionado. Marrielle is passionate about spreading happiness, especially to elementary school children to empower them to lead happy and healthy lives.

Her inspiration for teaching happiness came when March 20th was declared as the International Day of Happiness. As a dancer, actress, and comedian, she choreographed a happy dance intertwined with positive affirmations for children, which she introduced to the teacher and children in her son’s first grade class. The results were phenomenal, and over the next fer years the program grew to involve the entire school, including teachers and parents.

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FemiNinja Podcast

The FemiNinja Podcast is a weekly radio show podcast featuring our resident ninja, Cheryl Ilov. Each week we have a guest speaker join us to tell us about their life experience with success, facing fear, determination and just being themselves. Each podcast sends a message of positivity and promotes self improvement, both physically and mentally.

Fit Tips

Keeping fit is more than just going to the gym, it is keeping a healthy body, mind and spirit. Fitness is about keeping a balance in life between these three points. The FemiNinja Fit Tips are tips you can use every day to strike this balance in your life.

FemiNinja Blog

The FemiNinja blog includes our day to day thoughts on fitness, inspirational topics we have come across, and random thoughts that just seemed like something we wanted to talk about. We sometimes post bonus content and extra material related to the podcast episodes here.