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Episode # 77: Strength, Courage, and Inspiration

Author, writer, real estate agent and dear friend Roni Lambrecht returns to The FemiNinja Project for a follow up interview. After losing their only child, Dalton, in December of 2013, Roni and John Lambrecht struggled to put their shattered lives back together. Consumed with grief, they tried to navigate their way through life without their beautiful son, and the hopes and dreams that were taken away from them on that terrible day.

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Episode #65: Stroke Forward: There Is Nothing You Can’t Do

On March 30th, 2014, successful business woman and entrepreneur Marcia Moran’s world was turned upside down when she experienced a debilitating stroke. Prior to her stroke, she was fit, healthy, active, and energetic. After her stroke, she was immobilized, unable to walk, talk, or function. Just as suddenly and debilitating, Marcia and her husband were thrown into the convoluted and confusing labyrinth of the American healthcare system without a clue as to how to be certain that she would receive the care she needed.

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Episode #64: From Broken To Beautiful

Darla Evon’s successful and lucrative career as a dental hygienist was abruptly ended when a car accident in 2007 left her with multiple fractures in her cervical spine. Darla literally broke her neck, leaving her with nerve damage and in constant pain.  Not only did she lose her career, she lost her passion for life as well as her ability to dream.

After landing in the Intensive Care Unit in 2014 with multiple blood clots in her legs and lungs, Darla overheard one of her nurses tell another that she would not live through the night. That’s when Darla found her fighting spirit and decided to find her own path to health, healing, finding her passion, and using her gifts to help others step into their .

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Episode #63: Mind Shift, Unicorns, and The Rebel Brain

The magical and mystical Mariah Ehlert returns to The FemiNinja Project to explain how you can leave stress and anxiety in the rear view mirror and bring ease, calm, and joy back into your life. Mariah is the founder and owner of The Rebel Brain, the Sanctuary Studio, and Mariah Ehlert Photography.

As a Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator, Master Nutrition Therapist, and Visionary, Mariah helps clients of all ages and walks of life to learn valuable, life-altering tools designed to not just navigate the tough times in life, but to rock through life’s challenges with ease and joy. In this energetic and informative episode, she describes how stress puts our brain and nervous system into high alert and the negative effect it has on our body chemistry, hormonal balance, and our physical health and well-being.

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Episode #62: Courage Beyond Belief

Physician Assistant, Certified Homeopath, entrepreneur, and mom Torey Ivanic returns to The FemiNinja Project for a follow-up episode. Torey is also the author of the groundbreaking book, “No Big Deal: From Athlete to Advocate; A Memoir of Childhood Betrayal and a Journey to Justice.”

Torey shares her story as well the many insights she has experienced from her path of healing which includes how to stand your ground, find your voice, listen to your intuition and follow it. She also explains the difference between being impacted rather than triggered, and how to discover your “growth edge” by getting out of your comfort zone.

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Super Simple Ninja Secret

Every well trained ninja knows that the secret to survival is to keep moving. No matter what is going on around you, you have to keep moving if you want to live to see another day. This super simple ninja secret will get you on the path to training yourself to move through life with your health, fitness, and sanity intact.

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Walk Softly and Carry Big Sticks

Walking is one of the best, easiest, most accessible and most economical way to keep moving. If you don’t already have a walking program, it is time to consider staring one. Nothing beats a good walking program or an exhilarating hike to keep us fit and healthy in our body, mind, spirit, and soul. Here is a simple and somewhat surprising tip to keep you moving and get the best results possible.

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How to Move Past Fear

Fear is something that we are all experiencing right now to a certain degree with the uncertainty of what is going on with COVID-19. Fear is an emotional response to any threat or danger, real or perceived and it is meant to warn us of danger to keep us safe. Unfortunately, prolonged fear can lead to stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. It can render us paralyzed and unable to move forward, and it can also have detrimental effects on our physical, mental, and emotional health as well as our immune system. Here are a few simple tips how to move past fear and stay fit, flexible, strong, healthy, and boost your immune system at the same time.

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#61: How To Move Past Fear

Fear is a powerful and important emotional response to any type of threat, both real or imagined. Fear helps alert us to danger so we can move to a place of safety. But when we are under a constant state of fear, like many of us are these days with the uncertainty and the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, we can get stuck in that pattern of fear which then escalates to anxiety, panic attacks, and eventually wreaks havoc on our mental, physical, and emotional health and well-being. 

Award winning and best selling author, speaker, martial artist, physical therapist, and host of The FemiNinja Project Cheryl Ilov shares some ninja secrets, tips and tricks to help you move past the fear. Download this episode to discover how you can stay safe, stay healthy, and stay sane, not only during these difficult days but anytime you feel stuck in a pattern of fear. 




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Episode #60: Busting the Myths of Women’s Health

Dr. Ashley Zimmerman returns to The FemiNinja Project to clear up the confusion regarding the many myths of women’s health issues, including the natural rhythms and cycles that women experience. Ashley is a physical therapist specializing in pelvic floor therapy, a doula, and an advocate for women’s health.

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