Episode #246: Healing Complex PTSD with Mary Guiliani

Mary Giuliani is a trauma recovery and resilience coach, speaker, and author of the recently released book titled, “It’s Not About Food, Drugs, or Alcohol: It’s About Healing Complex PTSD, aka C-PTSD.

Mary has her own experience struggling and eventually recovering from C-PTSD and is now on a mission to help other adult trauma survivors do the same. She is also dedicated to raising awareness regarding complex trauma and how to help survivors heal. Her main message is that “your struggle with food, weight, and substances is not your fault, it’s a normal response to an abnormal childhood.

Mary describes how she struggled with her weight even as a child, becoming overweight at a very young age, resulting in being bullied by the other kids. Eventually, her addiction included not only food but drugs, and alcohol. Even after she overcame her addictions and maintained a healthy weight, she continued to struggle with anxiety, relationships, and sleep issues. It wasn’t until mid-life that she discovered the root cause of her struggles, was from C-PTSD, which developed from being raised in a chaotic alcoholic home.

That discovery led Mary on a five year long journey of learning and healing, experiencing one mind blowing revelation after another as she learned that C-PTSD was the culprit behind the sabotage of her weight, relationships, career, and health. Download this revealing episode to look into the devastating effects of C-PTSD along with the positive message of hope and healing from childhood trauma and C-PTSD.






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