Episode #64: From Broken To Beautiful

Darla Evon’s successful and lucrative career as a dental hygienist was abruptly ended when a car accident in 2007 left her with multiple fractures in her cervical spine. Darla literally broke her neck, leaving her with nerve damage and in constant pain.  Not only did she lose her career, she lost her passion for life as well as her ability to dream.

After landing in the Intensive Care Unit in 2014 with multiple blood clots in her legs and lungs, Darla overheard one of her nurses tell another that she would not live through the night. That’s when Darla found her fighting spirit and decided to find her own path to health, healing, finding her passion, and using her gifts to help others step into their .

Download this episode to hear Darla’s story, discover the value of a “chuck-it bucket,” and learn how you can transform your life from broken to beautiful.