Episode #235: The Dance of Life with Phoebe Leona

 Phoebe Leona is an author, speaker, dancer, and embodied teacher and guide who finds joy in guiding others to have deeper experiences of themselves so they can have a greater sense of purpose and belonging in their lives.

Phoebe is also a TEDx speaker, award winning author of the book titled “Dear Radiant One: An Embodied Recovery Story & Transformational Guide to Embody the Dance of Life,” founder of the nOMad Collective, co-founder of Tribe Military Yoga, and creator of the embodied practice called Movement 109.

Phoebe shares her story about the childhood trauma of dealing with a drug addicted father dealing with PTSD from his two tours in Vietnam, and how dance was her way to escape and find peace in a sometimes volatile household. She tells how she felt the need to protect him, even during his darkest times. Eventually the life choices she made because of her dysfunctional upbringing led to a divorce and her own emotional recovery.

She shares her story with compassion and heartfelt understanding for her father’s trauma and addictions, describing how she left home at fifteen, having no contact with him for many years and reconnecting many years later, when their relationship came full circle.

Download this episode to hear Phoebe’s powerful and encouraging story, why she calls herself the Radiant Lioness, and how you can find peace and healing in the dance of life.







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