Episode # 77: Strength, Courage, and Inspiration

Author, writer, real estate agent and dear friend Roni Lambrecht returns to The FemiNinja Project for a follow up interview. After losing their only child, Dalton, in December of 2013, Roni and John Lambrecht struggled to put their shattered lives back together. Consumed with grief, they tried to navigate their way through life without their beautiful son, and the hopes and dreams that were taken away from them on that terrible day.

About six months after losing Dalton, John wanted to sell the house that they built together and begin a fresh start and new beginning in a new state, where he wouldn’t be haunted by memories. Roni felt differently. She couldn’t bear to leave their home that held the memories of their beloved son.

Download this inspiring and uplifting episode to hear their story, what changed Roni’s mind, and how she and her husband’s relationship became even stronger after moving to a new state and a new home. Roni shares her story with heartfelt honesty, humor, and sincerity. She also includes many life lessons and tips on the difficult path to finding joy and meaning again after a tragic loss.

Listen to Roni’s previous interview, Episode #33, Do It for Dalton.  

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