Episode #180: Surviving Medical Mishaps & Intermittent Fasting with Fred Rutman

Fred Rutman is a former marketer and college professor who struggled with his health and fitness for years. Fred was making his way to a healthier lifestyle until he had the rug pulled out from underneath him in 2009, leaving him with dozens of concussions, post-concussion syndrome, PTSD, and a dangerous medical condition which almost cost him his life. He is also the author of the soon to be released book titled “The Summer I Died 20 Times.”

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Episode #164: Heart Fire, Spirit, and A Higher Power with Thomas Wurm

Thomas Wurm is the owner and creator of Mountain Mind Tricks, a company which focuses on life coaching, guided meditation, fitness, and nutrition. He is a Wildland Firefighter, Master NLP practitioner, author, coach, sports nutritionist, and fitness trainer. Thomas is also the host of The Conscious Fire Culture Podcast, which is about alternative mental health for wildland firefighters and connecting them with alternative methods of healing.

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