Episode #164: Heart Fire, Spirit, and A Higher Power with Thomas Wurm

Thomas Wurm is the owner and creator of Mountain Mind Tricks, a company which focuses on life coaching, guided meditation, fitness, and nutrition. He is a Wildland Firefighter, Master NLP practitioner, author, coach, sports nutritionist, and fitness trainer. Thomas is also the host of The Conscious Fire Culture Podcast, which is about alternative mental health for wildland firefighters and connecting them with alternative methods of healing.

Thomas shares many of his personal struggles with mental health resulting from working as a wildland firefighter, a career which he loved in spite of the incredible life threatening and high stress situations he was constantly confronted with. He describes that with danger waiting around every corner, his fire career guided him to see the true nature of life. Thomas explains that his own healing journey included a multitude of different alternative modalities including the study of consciousness, meditation, chanting, sacred plant medicine and more.

Thomas describes the source and purpose of the heart fire, the importance of a spirituality practice, and the acceptance of a Higher Power. Although his focus is on firefighters, Thomas also works with other first responders and others who may be experience PTSD. Download this compassionate and powerful episode to learn more about Thomas’ story, and his mission to help as many firefighters and first responders as possible, and how you can help him accomplish his goal.












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