Episode #319: Grit, Grace, and The Resilient Heart with Boots Knighton

Boots Knighton is an educator, public speaker, ski instructor, TEDx speaker, Host of The Heart Chamber Podcast, and Heart Champion for WomenHeart, a National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease.

She is also an open-heart surgery and TBI survivor and thriver. Through her podcast, Boots is able to share stories of open-heart surgery and subsequent recovery. She is currently working on three different books, all at the same time, and all related to matters of the heart.

Boots shares how the loss of her best friend in an unimaginable sudden and violent manner in 2014 launched her on a path of working with a therapist to help her learn effective coping skills, which also became a catalyst to starting a journey of healing and self-discovery.

These skills became a vital part of her recovery from a TBI in 2020, along with learning how to navigate through the convoluted and often confusing health care system as well as the ability to speak for herself and be her own advocate for her health care.

Boots also describes the shock of being diagnosed with a heart condition requiring open-heart surgery, the medical gaslighting she experienced along the way, and the importance of being able to stand up, find your voice, and speak your mind, especially when it comes to your own health or the health of a loved one.

Most of all, she shares that when it comes to matters of the heart, if we are willing and open, magic will unfold every day in our lives. She also gives valuable information, tips, and insights on how we can all thrive and be at peace, in spite of our life challenges.

Download this episode to hear her remarkable story and learn the secrets of grit, grace, and the resilient heart.







QUOTE: If we are willing and open, magic unfolds every day in our lives.”

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