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Episode #303: Health and Wellness for a New Generation with Simon Lüthi

Simon Luthi is Chief Wellness Officer of Sacred Healing LLC, and the Creator of Applied Neuro-Cellular Therapy, which combines modern technology and ancient wisdom into a unique and powerful healing modality. He is also a Corporate Strategist, and Alternative Medicine Practitioner.

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Episode #300: Take Charge of Your Health without Pharmaceuticals with Darlene Greene

Darlene Greene is a GHK-CU and Stem Cell Activation Technology Consultant who helps you activate your stem cells, repair DNA, reverse aging,  improve the health and function of your brain, cardiovascular and pulmonary system, and eliminate pain

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Episode #244: The Magic of Mindset and Cognomovement with Katie Wrigley

Katie Wrigley is a Transformational Coach, Cognomovement Practitioner, and host of the Pain Changer Podcast. She is also a former chronic pain patient who found herself disabled in her early 40s after years of severe chronic pain and losing herself in a demanding 20 year long corporate career.

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Episode #196: Homeopathy, Naturopathic Medicine, and Natural Healing with Jayne Marquis

Jayne Marquis is a Homeopath and Naturopathic Doctor, author, mom, animal lover, nature lover, and host of the Inpowered Mind, Inpowered Health podcast. She is also a Canadian Ballroom Dance Champion, a pilot, trampolinist, and equestrian. She is the author of the book titled “Jayne’s Inpowered Handbook: Featuring Homeopathic Remedies and cell salts for Everyday Use.”

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