Episode #303: Health and Wellness for a New Generation with Simon Lüthi

Simon Luthi is Chief Wellness Officer of Sacred Healing LLC, and the Creator of Applied Neuro-Cellular Therapy, which combines modern technology and ancient wisdom into a unique and powerful healing modality. He is also a Corporate Strategist, and Alternative Medicine Practitioner.

He is also the CEO and founder of Healthee Inc., a unique Wellness-as-a-Service software platform, helping companies save money on healthcare costs, and encouraging their employees to stay or get healthy, and the founder and chief wellness officer at Sacred Healing LLC, where he has leveraged a personal health crisis to enhance the well-being of 300+ clients with a focus on healing trauma, physical pain, and mental and emotional limitations. Simon is on a mission to change the way we think about healthcare and stress management. He draws on his 30 plus years of corporate experience and his own health journey to provide health and wellness solutions to both employers and individuals.

He shares his personal story of being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder without hope of recovery until he went to Switzerland and discovered the root cause of his illness. He received chelation therapy to remove the heavy metals, pesticides and other toxins in his body, resulting in a complete recovery, only to be diagnosed with cancer a few years later.

Fortunately, the cancer was very curable, and after a full recovery, Simon launched his journey into alternative health and healing. He now provides services to help others take their own power back regarding their own health and healing.

Simon shares valuable information regarding a new generation of health and wellness, including how we can work towards a health system which focuses on keeping us healthy, how to change the script regarding health and healing, the power of the mind, the impact of positive affirmations, and the value of spending time in nature and loving yourself.

If you value your health, this episode is for you! Download it today and share it with everyone you care about, as well as anyone who is interested in creating a new generation in health and healing!





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