Episode #300: Take Charge of Your Health without Pharmaceuticals with Darlene Greene

Darlene Greene is a GHK-CU and Stem Cell Activation Technology Consultant who helps you activate your stem cells, repair DNA, reverse aging,  improve the health and function of your brain, cardiovascular and pulmonary system, and eliminate pain.

She is also a retired US Navy Commander who helped establish the Returning Warrior Weekend Workshop which helps warriors and their families reintegrate successfully. Darlene has had an incredible and diverse career, including as the Former Dean of Girls, Culver Girls Academy At Culver Academies and Former Vice President Strategic Technology Partner at McAfee.

Darlene now focuses on helping people optimize their health, get to the root causes of issues which are causing illness, and eliminate pain without drugs or pharmaceuticals. She shares the affordable photo biomodulation technology she wished she knew about four years ago when her husband was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. After a four year long steep progressive decline, he experienced dramatic improvement in his memory, energy, engagement, sleep, and task capabilities in his first week of using this photo biomodulation technology. And now she’s on a mission to share this incredible technology and powerful natural healing capabilities with the world.

Download this fascinating and powerful message of hope and healing to discover how you can take charge of your health and heal naturally, without pharmaceuticals.





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