Episode #196: Homeopathy, Naturopathic Medicine, and Natural Healing with Jayne Marquis

Jayne Marquis is a Homeopath and Naturopathic Doctor, author, mom, animal lover, nature lover, and host of the Inpowered Mind, Inpowered Health podcast. She is also a Canadian Ballroom Dance Champion, a pilot, trampolinist, and equestrian. She is the author of the book titled “Jayne’s Inpowered Handbook: Featuring Homeopathic Remedies and cell salts for Everyday Use.”

Jayne shares her fascinating story of leaving a family-owned business to pursue a career as a homeopath and naturopathic physician, although the call to medicine came as an unexpected surprise. She shares how and when she felt the call to serve others through natural health and healing, and how that call became a passion after the birth of her twin daughters. Jayne also shares her remarkable wit and humor as she managed to balance medical school and motherhood at the same time, becoming a trampolinist and an equestrian in tandem with her girls, and how horses became a family affair.

Jayne explains how homeopathy works, and how you can use it to help yourself heal from whatever ails you, from colds and flu to broken bones. Download this entertaining and informative episode to learn how you can benefit from homeopathy, naturopathic medicine, and natural healing.








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