Episode #244: The Magic of Mindset and Cognomovement with Katie Wrigley

Katie Wrigley is a Transformational Coach, Cognomovement Practitioner, and host of the Pain Changer Podcast. She is also a former chronic pain patient who found herself disabled in her early 40s after years of severe chronic pain and losing herself in a demanding 20 year long corporate career.

Traditional medicine continued to fail her as her diagnoses continued to pile up, including Fibromyalgia, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), slipped and bulging discs, and unrelenting chronic nerve pain and increasing weakness in her limbs. It all turned around when she was introduced to Cognomovement, a gentle but effective movement modality which interrupts the pain pathways of the brain and restores the body back to health and homeostasis.

Katie shares her personal pain journey along with her experience of eliminating her pain with Cognomovement, how (and why) the method works, how to listen to yourself and your body, the many benefits of cross body learning, and much, much more.

Download this positive and informative episode which has a clear message of hope, and please share it with everyone who is struggling with chronic pain to learn the magic of Cognomovement. Because our bodies have an incredible capacity to heal, and no one should suffer with chronic pain.






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