Episode #76: Resilience, Thriving, and Finding Your Voice

The ability to recover and thrive in spite of life’s adversities is an important part of our physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being. Meet Donna Mazzitelli, writer, editor, owner of Writing With Donna, and life-long thriver. Donna shares her story of resilience and thriving after struggling with two failed businesses two separate cancer diagnoses.

Donna’s words of wisdom include how to take things moment by moment when going through the dark tunnel and having hope to hold onto at the time you’re transitioning through it. She explains the importance of taking action in the presence of fear, and finding the life lessons in every experience. Donna encourages her clients to tell their stories while she helps them find their voice and develop their own resilience at the same time.

Download this episode to discover how you can discover your own path to resilience, thriving, and finding your voice.     




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