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Episode #127: Words of Wisdom and Rules to Live By

Haelee Moone is an entrepreneur, business owner, and CEO of The Rules of a Big Boss, LLC. She is also the author of The Rules of a Big Boss, and the creator of a complimentary clothing and accessory line under the same name. Haelee is also a 7th grade honor student and is 13 years old.

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Episode #109: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Unleash Your Full Potential

Josiane Fortin is an author, entrepreneur, mom, multipotentialite coach, and the host of the Self-Publishing Queen podcast. Josiane shares her love of lifelong learning which she explored through living in two different foreign countries as an exchange student and becoming fluent in three languages. She also challenges her clients to get out of their comfort zone to unleash their full potential.  

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Episode #93: Using Your Head to Master Your Life

Author, life coach, motivational speaker and podcast host Dennis Berry returns to The FemiNinja Project to share more of his funky wisdom. He describes how to be successful with your life goals, training your awareness, finding calm in a chaotic world, the healing power of laughter, and so much more.

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Episode #81 The Magnificence of The Mystic Realm


In 2008 Stephanie Acello left her home and her job as a middle school teacher in Long Island to live on a farm in a small town in Colorado, where she follows her passions and her heart desires, grows her own food, and hangs out with her animal gurus. Stephanie has been on a path to self- discovery her entire life, and has always had a fascination by the wonder of the world. Although she started out as a bit of a rebel and trouble maker in her teen-aged years, she knew she had to find a way to change her ways.

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Episode #76: Resilience, Thriving, and Finding Your Voice

The ability to recover and thrive in spite of life’s adversities is an important part of our physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being. Meet Donna Mazzitelli, writer, editor, owner of Writing With Donna, and life-long thriver. Donna shares her story of resilience and thriving after struggling with two failed businesses two separate cancer diagnoses.

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