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Episode #175: Self-Awareness, Self-Acceptance, and Inner Peace with Gurds Hundal

Gurds Hundal is an empath educator, self-healing expert, author, generational pattern shifter, coach, and host of the Inner Light Project Podcast. Gurds takes a holistic approach to helping her clients identify what is holding them back in life and provides tools to help them be their own healer.

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Episode #155: 38DDD and Thriving In Life

Michaela Cox is a multi-published author who writes about motherhood, faith, and culture. She has also overcome many obstacles during her lifetime and has learned to thrive in spite of what she refers to as her “38DDD”—disability, divorce, and death of her beloved husband when she was 38.

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Episode #145: From Drug Addict to Multimillionaire and Recovery Expert

John Giordano shares his incredible and almost unbelievable story about growing up in the South Bronx in a mafia like family, dropping out of school in 9th grade, moving to Florida as a young adult, and getting hooked on cocaine. His fascinating story is full of trials, tribulations, poverty, and bad decisions.

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Episode #143: The Girl in The Garage and the Grace of God

Sharon Hughes is a Certified Life and Confidence Coach, speaker, podcaster, Critical Incident Stress Debriefer Manager, and POST Certified Chaplain. She is also the author of “The Girl in the Garage: 3 Steps to Letting Go of Your Past.” She is also a survivor of multiple childhood trauma and growing up in extreme dysfunction.

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Episode #140: Breaking Free from A Minister’s Sexual Abuse

Sandy Phillips Kirkham is a wife, mother, grandmother, speaker, advocate, and author of the award-winning book “Let Me Prey Upon You: Breaking Free from A Minister’s Sexual Abuse.” Her book documents her story from an innocent sixteen-year-old victim to survivor and advocate.

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Episode #127: Words of Wisdom and Rules to Live By

Haelee Moone is an entrepreneur, business owner, and CEO of The Rules of a Big Boss, LLC. She is also the author of The Rules of a Big Boss, and the creator of a complimentary clothing and accessory line under the same name. Haelee is also a 7th grade honor student and is 13 years old.

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