Episode #302: Winning the One-Horse Race of Life with Shane Jacob

Shane Jacob is a Certified Life Coach, Professional Horseman, Entrepreneur, Author, and host of The Horsemanship Journey podcast, who combines horsemanship with personal development empower people to find and use their horsepower within to develop the confidence and strength to blast past their perceived weaknesses and become whomever they desire.

Shane launched The Horsemanship Journey in 2021, and it has become the leader in personal development for horse people. The great horsemen have always known that in order to have the best outcomes with horses, the primary focus needs to begin within ourselves. The Horsemanship Journey combined that idea with a proven system and made it available for everyone who is interested in pursuing excellence. His core message is that your value is immeasurable regardless of what you have done., and his mission is to help people improve their horse experience and to have happier lives through living with purpose on purpose.

Shane shares his personal experience of growing up on a sheep ranch in Central Utah where riding horses was part of everyday life. He also describes how his low self-esteem and self-image eventually led him to a path of addiction, until he finally made the decision to quit drinking for good. He chronicles his journey to recovery with candor and humor, sharing many insights and stories that a lot of us can relate to.

He also shares how he decided to take the many important and valuable life lessons he has learned from horses. How horses can help us with everything from our relationships, problem solving, setting goals, and finding our courage and confidence. Shane’s enthusiasm and positive energy is so contagious you’ll want to listen to his story over and over again.

Download this episode to hear his story and the powerful lessons and horse sense you can use to win the one horse race of life!








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