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Episode #308: How Dogs Help Their Men Transform Stress into Peace with Michael Overlie

Michael Overlie is a Canine-Partnered Energy Coach who helps dogs, and their men transform stress into peace by using his signature D.O.G. method. He is the author of the book titled “Let Your Dog Lead: Musings on how to Create an Exceptional Life,” and co-author of “The Change17: Insights Into Self-Empowerment.”

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Episode #302: Winning the One-Horse Race of Life with Shane Jacob

Shane Jacob is a Certified Life Coach, Professional Horseman, Entrepreneur, Author, and host of The Horsemanship Journey podcast, who combines horsemanship with personal development empower people to find and use their horsepower within to develop the confidence and strength to blast past their perceived weaknesses and become whomever they desire.

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Episode #280: Sharing the Love with Paul Zolman

Paul Zolman is a Love Language Linguist who created a new and innovative way to demonstrate the principles of the love languages. It is a profound method to learn all five love languages, and to give them to others in a way that you can see them coming back to you. The system is a game changer and is so easy that even young children can be trained in this love-training system.

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