Episode #295: Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month with Carl Berryman

Carl Berryman is a Certified Personal Trainer, Men’s Health Advocate and Coach with a focus on men’s mental health as well as their physical health and well-being. He is also the host of the Inspired by Impact podcast, and recently hosted a series of multi-guest episodes in recognition of Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month.

Carl shares his passion for helping men support each other in their life’s journey, creating a community of brothers and brotherhood where men can freely express their emotions and mental health struggles, without judgement or fear of ridicule. He openly and honestly describes his own mental health issues, which almost ended in suicide, until he finally took the steps he needed to begin his healing journey. And now he helps other men do the same.

Carl also shares the statistics regarding depression in men, often as a result of feeling isolated, shame, guilt, and not being enough. Unfortunately, this frequently ends in suicide. The good news is that Carl and his community of brothers are working hard to break the cycle by raising awareness and helping each other.

Download this informative and heartfelt episode to hear his important message and to help bring awareness to men’s mental health, and how we can prevent the terrible statistics regarding men’s suicide.




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