Episode #247: Look Beyond Your Own Pain with Charles Smith

Charles Smith is a lifelong survivor of multiple traumas, including (but not limited to), being orphaned at a young age, being a homeless veteran, struggling with addictions, and surviving a suicide attempt. He is now an inspiration of proof that you can overcome the worst life has to offer and use your pain as a building block to support others.

Along his journey he found healthy coping skills such as exercise and martial arts. Charles has also worked as a Private Investigator, Security Consultant, Peer Support Specialist, and Certified Recovery Advisor for an organization called Aware Recovery Care.

Charles shares how he went from living an affluent life with his parents to living in extreme poverty and eventually losing both parents at a very young age. Without having the support or the ability to cope with the devastating losses in his young life, he turned to addictions, failed his way through high school, and joined the military, where he experienced further trauma when his Bradley tank exploded and when he was on riot control in Gitmo.

Charles turned his life around when he was homeless and realized how many other veterans were homeless and struggling with addiction and trauma. He has written several books on self-help and healing as well as his recently released memoir titled “10 Homes in 11 Years,” and is now dedicated to helping others look beyond their own pain to recover from the devastating effects of trauma and addictions.

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