Episode #245: Your Ultimate Life with Kellan Fluckiger

Kellan Fluckiger is a Coach, Speaker, Award-Winning Author, podcast host, and alchemist for exponential personal growth. He is the founder of “Your Ultimate Life,” which helps people create their Purpose, Prosperity, and Joy every day of their lives by serving with their gifts and talents.

Kellan also had his own personal struggles including depression, addiction, and a near death experience. He managed to overcome his challenges and lived to become a beacon of light and a ray of hope for others. He has written 18 books, many which became #1 Amazon Best Sellers, recorded 82 songs, and performed with a #1 Billboard Charting Choir in Phoenix, Arizona.

Kellan shares his personal story about growing up in a home where discipline was harsh and frequent, leading to feelings of self-loathing and never being good enough, causing him to focus on the one thing he was really good at—professional success and making money. Unfortunately, he wasn’t nearly as successful in his personal relationships, resulting in three failed marriages.

Kellan describes the exact moment when he realized he needed to turn his life around, finally dealing with his past and learning how to accept himself and his God given gifts and talents. He also shares his insights on self-sabotage, self-loathing, How to intentionally create yourself every day, the importance of establishing a morning schedule, and the power of those magic words “because I said so.”

Download this empowering, enlightening, and positive episode to learn how you can improve your life by realizing your own gifts and talents, and how to share them with others to help make the world a better place.









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