Episode #167: Hope, Healing, and Life After Abuse with Melinda Kunst

Melinda Kunst is an author, speaker, domestic abuse advocate, hope dealer, and hula hooping momma. She is also the host of the Hope When There Is None podcast. Melinda is passionate about helping women find self-empowerment, self-respect, and self-love.

Melinda shares her personal story of breaking free from a dysfunctional marriage after years of repeated abuse, degradation, and humiliation. She describes how her pleas for help were ignored, leaving her to navigate the waters of an abusive relationship while trying to protect and shield her three children at the same time. After years of suffering, she finally found the courage to end the marriage.

Melinda explains that once she made the decision, she finally had hope for the future. Although she still had her struggles, she found healing and love after abuse. She met Mr. Awesome, discovered her happily ever after, and found that the world is her oyster. Melinda is now passionate about helping other women do the same, and realize that there is hope, healing, and life after abuse.

Download this inspiring episode to hear Melinda tell her story with honesty, compassion, and sincerity.





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