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Episode #111: How To Create Your Own Life’s Path

Lon Jordan is an author, motivational speaker, public figure, and owner of Sketched By Design. Lon is passionate about helping people discover and embrace their unique design to create their own path in life, even if it conflicts with a path that others have chosen for them.

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Episode #102: How To Change Your Tragedies Into Triumphs

C.L. King is a motivational speaker, former Marine, and the super proud father of seven children. He is the founder of the C.L. King Group Incorporated and the host of the international podcast Impacting Life 24/7. C.L. also knows about life’s hardships and how to overcome them.

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Episode #94: Just Get Out The Door

David Hollingsworth is a full-time Dad, IT executive, speaker, and part-time athlete. He is also a spinal injury survivor. David shares his story of his road to recovery after a devastating motorcycle accident left him with serious and life threatening injuries. His soon to be released book is titled, “Get Out The Door.”

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