Episode #166: Your Past Does Not Define You with Amanda Acker

Amanda Acker is a transformational coach, speaker, podcast host, and formerly incarcerated person. Amanda was riddled with shame, confusion, insecurity, inadequacy, and feeling unloved and unworthy when her mother walked away from her family home when Amanda was 15.

A series of poor choices led her on a path of drug abuse, homelessness, and eventually incarceration when she reluctantly participated in a home robbery. In spite of her past, Amanda has been able to break through and let the good things into her life.

Amanda is now on a mission to motivate people who have had a difficult past and help them realize they are stronger than they think, and that they and can have the life they want and deserve. Download this episode to hear Amanda’s incredible story and learn why your past does not define you, and that you’re stronger than you think you are.



Amanda Acker, incarceration, insecurity, life transformation, shame, transformational life coach