Episode #125: The Real Secret Sauce for Success

Stephanie Powell is an entrepreneur, speaker, brand and business strategist, and authenticity expert. Stephanie walked away from a secure job in public education to start her own business without having a clue what she was going to do. However, along the way she discovered her zone of genius as well as the magic of living authentically.

Stephanie built a successful and profitable business, and she helps her clients do the same, helping them build their business to heights they never knew possible. Her superpower is the ability to combine the practical with the “woo,” which she declares is the real secret sauce to success.    

Stephanie shares her secrets to success as well as her love of animals, launching a non-profit animal sanctuary which provides rescue, rehab, and community outreach. She also explains that being comfortable with your authentic self is the only way to be truly happy.

Download this energetic and highly entertaining episode to learn how to live authentically and discover the real secret sauce for success.     


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