Episode #126: Putting Your Best Face Forward


Putting our best face forward and how we present ourselves to the world has a huge impact on our self-image and self-confidence. Jade Alexander is an expert on helping people optimize their appearance on camera and video. She is a photographer, videographer, entrepreneur, and co-founder and co-owner of Synergy Videography.

Jade shares her passion for helping people look good and explains how a positive self-image impacts our personal and professional relationships. She also shares her own personal story, including her experience as a martial artist, as a figure skater, her love affair with a raccoon, and so much more. Jade’s engaging personality, incredible sense of humor, and gift for story telling is woven through this entertaining and informative episode.  

This is such a fun episode that not only will you be putting your best face forward, but you’ll be also doing it with a huge smile on your face that will last for days! Download this episode today. You’ll be glad you did!   




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