Episode #112: Finding Self-Love and Purpose After Divorce

What do you do when you find yourself suddenly single after years of marriage? Shira Raymond is an Empowerment Coach and the founder and owner of Suddenly Single—Empowerment Coaching for GENX and beyond. Shira’s journey of self-awareness and personal growth made her realize that her own marriage was stagnant, causing her to walk away from a 24-year long marriage.

Already a lifelong learner and coach, Shira turned her attention and skills to help others navigate their way through divorce by starting over with self-love and a sense of purpose. She explains that you can be divorced and live with joy and excitement for a future you can create for whatever your heart desires.

Shira also shares the importance of living in gratitude, overcoming a negative mindset, the power of forgiveness, and so much more. This episode is full of wonderful information and valuable tips that everyone can use, not just the suddenly single. Download this episode to learn how to have more joy in your life!    


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