Episode #111: How To Create Your Own Life’s Path

Lon Jordan is an author, motivational speaker, public figure, and owner of Sketched By Design. Lon is passionate about helping people discover and embrace their unique design to create their own path in life, even if it conflicts with a path that others have chosen for them.

Lon shares his own story of trying to find his own way in life, including the many obstacles he experienced along the way from friends and family, who wanted him to follow a more traditional path. Lon believes that we all have a set of inherent gifts that we are meant to share with the world and to serve others.

From starting out with a positive themed hip-hop group to attended college for broadcasting, Lon has spoken to thousands of teens nationwide, has appeared on ABC News, and hosted a successful national TV talk show for young adults.

Lon explains that divergent thinking and tapping into your innovative spirit is essential for finding your true purpose in life. He also shares the secret to effective and heartfelt communication. Download this episode to learn how you can create your own path in life and share your inherent gifts with the world.