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Episode #256: Your Path to Empowerment with C.K. (Kelly) Collins

C.K. Collins, aka Kelly, is a former award-winning publisher and owner of a hyperlocal news publishing company in Nashville who sold her company and retired from the industry in 2021. She now helps others get unstuck after experiencing a personal loss or setback which prevents them from living an empowered life.

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Episode #215: The Endless Possibilities in Life with Victoria Radar

Victoria Radar (also known as Vica) is a Possibility Coach, wife, mom, devout animal lover, tennis player, four times best selling author, Theta Healing instructor, NLP and Hypnosis Master Practitioner, founder of Empower mE and Master-mE apps as well as the creator of YU2SHINE. Her mission is to empower others to find their path from pain to peace and purpose, as well as from poverty to prosperity.

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Episode #112: Finding Self-Love and Purpose After Divorce

What do you do when you find yourself suddenly single after years of marriage? Shira Raymond is an Empowerment Coach and the founder and owner of Suddenly Single—Empowerment Coaching for GENX and beyond. Shira’s journey of self-awareness and personal growth made her realize that her own marriage was stagnant, causing her to walk away from a 24-year long marriage.

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