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Episode #186: Discover the Power of Amo Ni with Bo Bissett

Bo Bissett is a healing guide, founder, and owner of Amo Ni, a system he developed which locates and removes emotional blocks and is built on a foundation of positivity to effect lasting change. Through his system, he helps people find and eliminate repetitive self-sabotaging behaviors which prevent them from living their life to its full potential.

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Episode #154: The Healing Power of Daoist Meditation and Spirituality

Nate Rifkin’s life was in turmoil. He spent years struggling with self-loathing, suicidal thoughts, alcohol abuse, and his own mind, which had become his own worst enemy. Finally, his inner pain prompted him to pursue a spiritual path derived from an ancient Daoist meditation which changed his life forever.

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Episode #92: Beast Mode Grandma

Meet Sue Spencer, entrepreneur, coach, grandmother, and owner of Lift You Up Coaching. She is also known as Beast Mode Grandma.

In her late 50s, Sue made a decision which led to transform herself from an inactive, overweight older adult to a strong and fit athlete. With the help of a personal trainer who challenged her to always reach beyond what she thought she could accomplish, she achieved a level of health, wellness, and strength she never dreamed possible.

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