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Episode #192: From Trauma to Transformation with Sylvia Worsham

Sylvia Worsham is an International and Multi-Lingual Speaker and Turning Points Coach who specializes in empowerment, sales, and leadership. She is the author of the book titled “Journey to Me: Trust the Wisdom of Change,” which helps her readers propel themselves into a life of love, compassion, and joy.

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Episode #191: Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart with Patricia Lindner

Patricia Lindner is an Intuitive Healer, Empowerment Mentor, motivating mindset magician, creative consultant, founder of “Compass from Within.” Patricia has her own story of soul-searching, self-awareness, healing, and transformation, which led her on a journey to express her unique genius and discover a holistic approach to help others have the life and career they love by integrating body, mind, and soul.

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Episode #186: Discover the Power of Amo Ni with Bo Bissett

Bo Bissett is a healing guide, founder, and owner of Amo Ni, a system he developed which locates and removes emotional blocks and is built on a foundation of positivity to effect lasting change. Through his system, he helps people find and eliminate repetitive self-sabotaging behaviors which prevent them from living their life to its full potential.

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Episode #154: The Healing Power of Daoist Meditation and Spirituality

Nate Rifkin’s life was in turmoil. He spent years struggling with self-loathing, suicidal thoughts, alcohol abuse, and his own mind, which had become his own worst enemy. Finally, his inner pain prompted him to pursue a spiritual path derived from an ancient Daoist meditation which changed his life forever.

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Episode #92: Beast Mode Grandma

Meet Sue Spencer, entrepreneur, coach, grandmother, and owner of Lift You Up Coaching. She is also known as Beast Mode Grandma.

In her late 50s, Sue made a decision which led to transform herself from an inactive, overweight older adult to a strong and fit athlete. With the help of a personal trainer who challenged her to always reach beyond what she thought she could accomplish, she achieved a level of health, wellness, and strength she never dreamed possible.

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