Episode #192: From Trauma to Transformation with Sylvia Worsham

Sylvia Worsham is an International and Multi-Lingual Speaker and Turning Points Coach who specializes in empowerment, sales, and leadership. She is the author of the book titled “Journey to Me: Trust the Wisdom of Change,” which helps her readers propel themselves into a life of love, compassion, and joy.

Sylvia has her own powerful story of transformation when a life-altering event prompted her to leave Corporate America to become an entrepreneur. She shares her story with open honesty and humor, even as she describes being in an Intensive Care Unit surrounded by doctors and given a twenty percent chance of survival. Sylvia explains how her transformation from trauma led her to become a Turning Points coach to help others successfully navigate their own turning points in life by shifting your mindset, finding the pockets of joy in the journey, moving from fear to joy, and the magic of surrendering to a Higher Power.

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