Episode #186: Discover the Power of Amo Ni with Bo Bissett

Bo Bissett is a healing guide, founder, and owner of Amo Ni, a system he developed which locates and removes emotional blocks and is built on a foundation of positivity to effect lasting change. Through his system, he helps people find and eliminate repetitive self-sabotaging behaviors which prevent them from living their life to its full potential.

Bo has his own powerful story of healing, recovery, and eradicating disempowering emotions ruling his life. He was able to put it all together, including how to help others do the same, after cycling across America. He is also the author of Amo Abundance, Amo Form, and created several online courses teaching the many principles and techniques involved in Amo Ni to help others experience the power of Amo Ni.

Download this episode to hear his story about personal transformation as well as his remarkable wit and sense of humor as he describes running away from home and ending up in Southeast Asia, cycling through Cambodia to attend a friend’s wedding, taking a leap of faith by stepping into a menagerie of motorbikes, and how he ultimately found himself. You’ll also learn how to love yourself with all your heart.



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