Episode #88: Self-Image and the Power of Transformation

Sue Relihan is a Registered Psychotherapist, Breakthrough and Transformational Expert, and #1 International Best-Selling author. She believes that self-acceptance and self-compassion are the tools to creating positive life changes.

Sue is passionate about helping others find their self-acceptance because of her own journey of transformation. She spent most of her life feeling invisible, and going along just to get along, until it almost killed her on 2009 and she realized she had to change her own life.

Download this episode to hear Sue’s fascinating story, and learn valuable tips how you can transform your self-image and live an amazingly powerful, abundant, and joyful life.

Website: https://suerelihan.com

Books: https://amz.run/3PgV

Special just for the FemiNinja Project listeners: http://suerelihan.com/stress-relief/

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