Episode #330: Fighting for Freedom with Dr. Robert J. Wolf, MD

Dr. Robert Wolf, MD is a speaker, lecturer, Diagnostic Radiologist, and author of the multiple award-winning book titled “Not a Real Enemy: The True Story of a Hungarian Jewish Man’s Fight for Freedom,” which is a biography of his father’s story about living as a Jewish man in Hungary when the Nazis, and later the communists, sized power.

Dr. Wolf describes the book’s storyline, including how his father Ervin relied on his wits and good fortune not once, but twice, to escape the Nazis. And how later, he accomplished the most daring escape of all in the dead of a cold winter’s night to escape communism.

“Not a Real Enemy” is the true story of one of the most unknown chapters in the Holocaust and chronicles the transformation of a young man as he confronts antisemitism, cruelty, kindness, despair, and hope during his journey toward freedom.

Dr. Wolf explains that the purpose of his book is to not only share his father (and mother’s) incredible story of surviving even under the most challenging and dangerous circumstances, eventually triumphing against all odds. He shares many poignant and heartwarming stories of his father’s tumultuous young life, attending medical school, marrying his beautiful mother, and starting a life in America.

He artfully shares these stories with the skill of a gifted storyteller, which is a story that includes suspense, danger, cloak-and-dagger type of moments as well as indescribable hope, healing, and joy. Dr. Wolf also shares his own passion and commitment to educating people about the horrors of the Holocaust along with his fervent desire to help stave off antisemitism and racism.

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