Episode #311: Healing Pain from the Ground Up with Gregory Stern

Gregory Stern is the Chief Foot Officer and Owner of From the Ground Up Physiotherapy, where he helps people get to the root cause of their pain by teaching them to move their entire body in new ways to wake up sleepy muscles and introduce new and healthy movement patterns.

Greg’s chief mission is to help guide people through their own path of self-discovery, to not only be pain-free, but to thrive in every aspect of their life each and every day.

He shares how a simple ankle sprain sustained at the age of nineteen spiraled out of control into a chronic problem which caused constant foot, back, and hip pain, which impacted him physically and mentally for five years. Although he was planning on going to medical school, he decided to earn his master’s degree in physical therapy instead.

Greg describes how he became obsessed with learning and understanding how the body moves, experimenting and learning from some of the best therapists and movement experts from around the world. As a result, he made a complete recovery, is living a pain free life, playing the sports he loves, and is enjoying freedom in movement that he never experienced before in his life. And now he is passionate about helping others do the same.

Download this episode with its positive message of hope and healing, and learn how we can all move better, feel better, and live better by healing from the ground up.









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