Episode #306: Overcome Fear and Achieve Freedom with Damon Nichols

Damon Nichols is an entrepreneur, Reform Coach, keynote speaker, business owner, and best-selling author of the book titled “The Breakout Blueprint.”

After spending many years in and out of jails, prisons as well as other institutions, and dealing with drug addiction, Damon has overcome life changing trauma and worked many deep dark areas of his life to become a successful entrepreneur and live a meaningful and intentional life.

Along the way he has gained many insights and learned a multitude of valuable tools and life skills during his personal journey of healing his own severe traumas. And now he is passionate about helping others and sharing these tools with the world.

Damon shares his story of growing up in a dysfunctional household as a child while looking out for his younger brother at the same time. Bouncing from several different homes and different schools, he began having issues at the age of thirteen, eventually resulting in substance abuse and multiple arrests and incarcerations.

His life spiraled out of control with meth, cocaine, and other substances, becoming even worse when a tragic car accident killed his wife and severely injured his two sons. Damon explains how he was stuck in a horrible cycle of self-destruction fueled by guilt, shame, and self-loathing.

Download this episode to hear Damon’s incredible story of recovery, redemption, and self-forgiveness. Discover how he managed to turn his life around, and learn how you can overcome fear and achieve freedom.






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