Episode #307: Re-Discovering Your True Self with Nichole Lee

Nichole Lee is a Trauma-Informed Multi-Disciplinary Healer, Intuitive Guide, Life Transition Coach, Speaker, Well-Being Educator and Transformative Retreat Curator who is recognized for her unique and holistic approach to personal fulfillment and transformation.

Known affectionately as “the woman who gives you your life back,” Nichole is dedicated to guiding individuals, particularly those who have achieved much success yet seek deeper meaning as well as a path to living more joyful and fulfilling lives. She is also the host of the global podcast called Transcending Identity, where she engages her audience in insightful discussions about personal transcendence, transformation, and triumph.

Nichole describes how her journey towards becoming a catalyst for personal fulfillment was profoundly shaped by a pivotal moment in 2018 when she lost her mother to cancer. That experience led her to a deeper exploration of life’s purpose and the legacy she aspired to create, influencing her approach as a healer, guide, and coach.

She shares many of her profound and valuable insights she gleaned from her journey, including the factors which impact our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health, the importance of self-education regarding our health and wellness, the value of adding playtime into our life, the power of joy over happiness, and how the human essence of our stories and sharing them give each other hope, faith, and belief for a better life.

Download this positive, informative, and uplifting episode to hear Nichole’s story and learn valuable tools to learn her YOU can re-discover your true self!

QUOTE: “The greatest gift you can give to the world is being your authentic self.”  






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