Episode #288: Putting Purpose Over Pleasure and Finding Your Passion with Justin Crane

Justin Crane is a Special Forces Veteran who spent 12 years in the military, which was his passion. He started his military career as a rescue swimmer, rescuing multiple people in Hurricane Katrina along with many other rescues as well. He also worked for an elite military unit in Iraq, executing special operations missions.

Justin left the military due to medical reasons, which resulted in losing his passion, his purpose, and leading him down a dark path of depression, drugs, alcohol, and contemplating suicide. Until the day he woke up, took control of his life, and re-discovered his passion and purpose. And now he helps others do the same.

Justin shares his remarkable story of personal transformation and reclaiming his physical and mental health by implementing daily habits and changing his mindset, including many valuable tips how we can all do the same.

Download this positive and empowering episode to hear Justin’s story and discover how you can put purpose over pleasure and find your own passion.



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