Episode #289: Stay Younger, Live Longer, and Die Healthy with Al Lyman

Al Lyman is an author, speaker, and coach, who made a conscious decision to “die healthy” when he was twenty-five.

Ever since that day, Al made it his goal to learn how to create good health and vitality, and to share what he learned to empower others to do the same. He is known as The Age Optimizer, helping people live stronger in their second half, and specialized in age-related health coaching for mature adults who are determined to beat “the doctor dance” and take back their lives.

Al is the author of the book titled “Age Well & Feel Great: The Proven Path to Solving the Aging Puzzle & Going the Distance.” He is also the creator of B.E.A.T. Aging Transformation.

Al shares his personal story of being bullied when he was young, not being interested in physical activity, and being the last kid to be picked to play on a team. Eventually, he discovered that physical activity could help him with his strength and endurance, so he began running.

During his pursuit of physical fitness, Al became fascinated with health and longevity, immersing himself in information regarding health, wellness, fitness, and anti-aging. His journey includes multiple professional certifications and businesses, and helping thousands of individuals take back their health, beat the doctor dance, and live stronger in their second half of life.

Download this positive and uplifting episode which is full of valuable information as well as a message of hope for fitness and vitality so you can stay younger, live longer, and die healthy.








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