Episode #272: Music and Creative Arts Psychotherapy with Megan Walsh

Megan Walsh is a creative arts psychotherapist who earned her master’s degree in music psychotherapy from New York University in 2014.

Megan worked as a licensed creative arts therapist and board-certified music therapist in a variety of prominent teaching hospitals before opening her own private practice in 2019. When she isn’t working with clients, Megan loves harmonizing to her Spotify playlist, listening to her favorite podcasts, and spending quality time with her husband, young son, and two dogs.

Megan shares how music, singing, songwriting, and dance have always played a major role in her life, even at a very young age when she won an award for songwriting when she was in kindergarten for songwriting. She describes how she has always had a heart to serve others, as well as a fascination for psychology. Megan found a way to integrate her two passions to help others through a variety of creative therapeutic and healing modalities.

Download this fascinating and informative episode to hear Megan’s story and learn the power of creativity and its positive impact on your mental and physical health, how to listen to your inner voice, and how to reconnect with your creative self.





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